Digital Strategies

We design and execute comunication strategies to take advantages of multiple formats, channels and digital contents.

Operación editorial de medios digitales

We create digital medias; we design  a concept, generate it’s content and deliver it to broad or specific audiences.

Content and Message Distribution

We take advantage of social networks and other digital channels to distribute content, generate conversations or position messages.

Community Management

We use social media as a means of amplifying messages, generate engagement and build conversations.

Content generation

We are specialists in creating content for digital platforms (networks, sites, channels) in different formats (text, image, video).

Digital Mentoring

We help you to understand and take advantage of digital media according to your goals, campaign or agenda communication.

Faena Aleph

2011 - and we go on...



Revista Travesías

2016 - and we go on...


2016 - and we go on...

Pijama Surf

2009 - and we go on...